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 Q: How can I create an account at

You can have three ways to sign up an account at

1. Go to our sign up page to Create a New Account. Only email address is required to sign up an account. Our program will send you a message with initilized password. After you receive the message, please follow the link to sign in your account, then you can change your password.

2. You can sign up an account automatically when you place an order on our website. Please just click "Buy Now" button, then choose Credit Card Payment, then follow up the steps, you can create an account on our website. You will have chance to set your own password.

3. If you pay us through Paypal service, your Paypal primary email address will be used to create an account on our website automatically. Our program will assign you a temporary password. You can retrieve the password from our website after you made your payment. You can change your password after login My Account.

You can get more information here on how to change your account's passsword.