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 Q: Why I was told a cell phone cannot receive free credit message any more?

Each customer can get 10 free credits from our website unconditionally and we hope everybody can have an enjoyable experience to send short messages to China and receive replies free. However some customers used it abusively by signing up free credits with many email accounts. 

So now we apply a policy that one cell phone number in China can only receive message from one free credit account. If you or somebody else had sent messages using free credit to a number before, then you cannot send messages to this number from another free credits account. You have to use your purchased credits (including 20 bonus credits obtained from each phone card) to send message to this number.

You can use your free credits to send as many cell phone numbers as you can. However, every cell phone number can only receive up to 10 free messages from one, and only one free credit account.

This rule is only applied for free credits. If you purchased our short message credits, you should not have this problem. If you ordered our SMS credits (including credits from phone card order) but you get this problem (we believe it could not happen), please contact us with the cell phone number and your account email address.

Solution: You still can send messages to different cell phone numbers with your free credits for test purpose, or you purchase the SMS credits from

Some China cell phone had been blocked for receiving messages. You are not allowed to send message to the blocked cell phone numbers.