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 Q: How to file a complaint to eCallChina LLC?

When you file a complaint to us, please always try to provide as detailed information as possible. Sometimes customer only tells us as simple as "The phone card I ordered does not work". It really does not tell us any problem you had, and we have to contact you back which could delay the problem sloving. When a phone card does not work for you. We expect you tell us the following information to us:

  1. The access number you used.
  2. The pin# you used
  3. The destination number (the number you were trying to reach).
  4. The problem you had. Please describe the problem as clearly as possible, specially please tell us the error message you heard if it is available.
  5. Any other information that you feel may be helpful for us.

Please do not hestitate to Contact Us whenver you have problem or questions with our service. We do reply every inquiry we receive.