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 Q: The rate was advertised as 2.0 ¢/minute when I purchased, but now the rate is 2.2 ¢/minute, why?

If you got discount when you ordered the phone card, the rate you saw was calculated based on the price you actually paid. If you check our website again without a discount coupone, the rate will be changed accordingly based on the price as it should be.

We often provides discount coupons that reduce the cost of our cards. So don't be confused about the rates when you purchase a card for less than its face value. When we give you get a discount, we do the math, then advertise the discounted rates so you can see the very low prices you are actually paying per minute. It's just another great service from eCallChina. Remember, you always pay the advertised rate and you never pay any hidden charges or fees. We think that should make you happy!