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 Q: I recharged $40 and I should get 2500 minutes, but why I only have 2460 minutes?

Some phone cards, such as Rechargeable Pinless Speed Dial Phone Card only reports the even hour minutes and ingore the residual minutes, if your card's remaining minutes are more than 24 hours.

For example, when you recharge $40.00 to this card, you expect to get 1250 * 2 = 2500 minutes. However, when you use the card, you only heard that you have 41 hours, or 2460 minutes to China via local access number. Please note the 40 minutes are not reported by our system, but the 40 minutes are not lost.

To verify that you still have the 40 minutes, you may make a phone call which is less than 40 minutes, then you check your remaining minutes again. You will hear that your card still have 41 hours! Once again, it is because our system does not report the residual minutes, when your card has more than 24 hours.