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 Q: What is the difference between Paypal and Credit Card Payment?

We receive your payment through credit card payment or Paypal payment.

You can choose Paypal if:

Credit card is recommended if:

Items   Paypal Credit Card
  Yes Yes
  Yes Yes
  Yes Yes
American Express:
  Yes Yes
Non-USA Credit Card:
  Yes No
Debit Card:
  Yes No (Yes if has VISA, Master Logo)
  Yes No
Instant PIN Delivery:
  Yes, 99% time Yes, 99% time
  Required Not Required
First Order:
  Very complicated
if you don't have a Paypal account
Very easy
Return Orders:
  Very easy Very easy
Fee:   Completely free to ALL buyers Completely free to ALL buyers
Billing Information:
  seller NEVER see your
credit card numbers.
  The seller knows your
credit card information is not affiliated with eCallChina. eCallChina only uses service to receive your payment.