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 Q: Where/How do I receive my phone card PIN after my order is processed?

Instant Delivery to Your Email: After your order is processed, we instantly send digital PIN# to the email address you provided when you placed the order. You won't receive any regular mail from us.

Instant Delivery to My Account: You can also check your phone card PIN from "My Account" on our website. Once your order has been processed, you should be able to get full information, such as your phone card PIN, access numbers and calling instructions.

Regular Mail for Paypal Payment Verification: If address verification is needed, we may send you a printed phone card to you at the address given by Paypal.

Delayed Delivery: Under certain circumstances, a delay in processing your order is possible. If your billing information does not pass our security check system, your order status will be pending. In this case we will call you to verify your order informaion. You may receive a call within ten minutes of placing your order, but occasionally it may take up to four hours or even longer. Please be patient. Please refer other questions on how an order is processed on our website.