eCallChina Phone Card Knowledge Base and Customer Support System
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 Q: I am a new customer. What is the process you will use to fill my order?

Order Process for New Customers

  1. Read eCallChina phone card knowledge base and customer support information;
  2. Find the card, initiate the order;
  3. Fill out credit card, address, and phone number information;
  4. Submit the order and confirmation

As a new customer, once you sumbit the order, if your credit card information passes, you should receive the following information:

This message is to notify you that a credit card transaction
is being processed at .

The status is PENDING because it is the first order you place
with us, or the information you provided has been checked by our
automated  system. Usually we can verify an order within minutes,
but the whole processing could take up to 4 business hours. If it
is the first order you place with us, you may be called for
order verification. In order to process your order
without delay, please be sure to provide us a phone number
that we can reach you directly. In the future you can get
our instant phone card PIN within seconds.