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 Q: How to search a phone card with the lowest rate calling a country?

Searching for a phone card on our website is a very easy and simple process. We use the cutting-edge technologies to ensure you can find a good phone card within 10 seconds in a simple but intellegent interface that is similar to Google's search box.

1. Input your first 6 digits of your phone card in the left box. For example, if your phone number is 626-765-4321, then just input 626-765.

2. Input the initial characters of the country name you call to, for example, if you call to China, just input "Ch", then our system will complete the country name list for your choice then you choose China. Our program will also tells you how many cards in the pool that you can choose from, and what is the lowest rate you could have.

3. Click the "Go" button then you get the results in a new window. In the new window, our system will give you a list of the phone cards with local access numbers, if having, and card detailed inforamtion including rates.

4. You can also Use Google-style search box powered by Google to search For example, you can search it on our website by "call from Los Angeles to China",  "call from area code 415 to Germany", or "call from zip code 97001 to Italy".