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 Q: I have made payment successfully but why the minutes had not been recharged to my account?

Ordinally, our system adds minutes to your card automatically after your payment is received. The problem of minutes not being credited to your account could occur with Rechargeable Pinless Speed Dial phone card when

You can remedy this probelm yourself by taking the following steps:

  1. Please login your account at
  2. Click the link of "Activate Minutes" on the left.
  3. Follow the page instructions to activate your minutes.
  4. After you activated the minutes, wait at least 5 minutes before trying to use the card.

If, after the above steps, the problem is not remedied, please contact us with your order ID.

 Q: I paid successfully but why did I only get 10 cents in my account?

This is the same problem as I have made payment successfully but why the minutes had not been recharged to my account? Please see that answer to address your problem.

 Q: My account had not been recharged, and there is no item in the Activate Minutes page.

If you cannot find an item in Activate Minutes page and your account had not bee recharged, most probably it is because you used your PIN# soon after you recharged it. Our system cannot recharge your PIN# if you are using it. The system needs about 5 minutes to successfully recharge your account.

To verify the cause of your problem was your immediate use of your card, please check your calling detailed records on the website.

To rectify this situation, please contact us with your pin# or order ID.

Please avoid to make call within 5 minutes after recharge.

 Q: Why I was told my pin# was zombied when I recharged my pin?

It was because your pin# had been set to inactive status after no phone call in 60 days. To keep your PIN in an activate status, at least 1 call must be made every 60 day.

To rectifiy this problem, please contact us with your PIN#.