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2477: 1. Welcome!

2498: I have made payment successfully but why the minutes had not been recharged to my account?

2505: I paid successfully but why did I only get 10 cents in my account?

2675: My account had not been recharged, and there is no item in the Activate Minutes page.

2679: Why I was told my pin# was zombied when I recharged my pin?

2500: 1. Why should I use eCallChina phone cards?

2638: Can I use one phone card to call different countries?

2632: Do I need a long distance carrier on my pone to use phone cards?

2659: Does eCallChina charge me anything else beyond payment for a prepaid phone card?

2634: How are service fees applied?

2502: How do prepaid phone cards work?

2639: How many minutes will I have on my card?

2507: Rates are subject to change without notice, how can I trust the rate?

2501: What are phone cards/calling cards?

2633: When I dial from a cell phone, is there any extra fee?

2645: How can I have more minutes on my card?

2503: How can I recharge my existing PIN instead of getting a new PIN?

2504: How can I recharge my PIN?

2693: Voucher PIN or new rechargeable PIN?

2508: Phone Card Fee-Related Glossary

2509: Phone Card Tech-Related Glossary

2525: How can I find the right card?

2510: How to search a phone card with the lowest rate calling a country?

2511: How to search local access number phone card?

2648: In what currency are the prices quoted?

2513: Call I use my cell phone to call your local access numbers in other states?

2515: How to determine if an access number is within my local service area?

2512: Why is it referable to make calls using local access numbers?

2514: Why should I cancel my international long distance plan?

2620: Can I call USA toll free number from China?

2520: Can I use eCallChina phone cards to make calls from any country?

2678: How can I choose a better phone card for calling from China?

2519: How can I make calls from Hawaii and Alaska?

2499: How can I make calls from mainland China to USA and other countries?

2518: How can I make calls from Taiwan?

2517: How to call from Hong Kong?

2516: How to make calls from Canada?

2682: What phone cards can be used to make calls from China to the USA?

2522: Are there any advantages to making calls from my cell phone?

2521: Do I get higher rate for calling to a cell phone number outside of North America?

2523: Why should I block international long distance call from my cell phone?

2524: Am I charged a higher rate if I make calls to a cell phone outside of the USA?

2621: I cannot see the China mobile phone rate. What is the rate for China mobile phone number?

2526: eCallChina LLC, PRIVACY POLICY

2666: Return and Exchange Policy

2529: I am a new customer. What is the process you will use to fill my order?

2530: Order processing for existing customer

2641: I left a wrong email address. How can I get PIN?

2552: Ten minutes have passed and I have not received the PIN, calling instructions, etc. What should I do?

2528: Where/How do I receive my phone card PIN after my order is processed?

2532: Can I order phone cards by mail?

2533: Everything seems to be fine, but I still cannot place an order. What is the problem?

2625: I am unable to connect to your server. What should I do?

2536: If I see multiple records on my online credit card report, does this mean you charged me more than once?

2537: My credit card had been charged but why have I not received a PIN?

2531: My credit card was not issued by a USA bank, can I still place an order?

2535: My order did not go through, will I get charged?

2582: What do I do if I think I have been double charged for one transaction?

2538: What is CVV2 number (credit card verification number)?

2534: What is the difference between Paypal and Credit Card Payment?

2656: What kind of payment methods I can use at

2667: Why is eCallChina having difficulty finding the payment I made through Paypal?

2623: Why was I told my the address I provided and my credit card billing address do not match?

2658: Will my credit card periodically be charged for service at

2545: How can I change my credit card billing address?

2614: How can I change my email, password or get password?

2624: I mistyped my email address, what can I do?

2657: What is my billing address?

2546: How can I get a coupon code from eCallChina?

2547: How do I use a coupon code when placing an order?

2619: I do not want to receive any promotional messages from eCallChina. How do I accomplish this?

2548: I used my discount coupon code but my credit card was charged the full amount. What can we do about this?

2622: What is a coupon code and do I have to use one when placing an order?

2550: What is the 3WIN award program?

2574: What shall I do if I want to refer some friends? Can I get some benefit?

2549: Why I was told that my coupon code was invalid?

2551: Why should I join the 3WIN award program?

2555: How long can I expect Phone Card PIN after my order is being in PENDING status?

2553: I am a new customer. Why my order is in PENDING status?

2554: I am a returning customer, why is my order still in PENDING status?

2626: I am working now but I left my home phone number. How can I be reached for verification?

2640: What is the phone number you can call eCallChina to verify your order?

2642: Why do you need my credit card bank customer service phone number?

2557: Access number always get a busy signal, cannot get connected

2649: Call from local access numbers or cell phone

2636: How to find my access numbers?

2558: I cannot find local access numbers in my area. What should I do?

2556: The access number not available

2637: What does local access mean?

2661: What is the difference between local access and toll free access?

2559: Will you add local access numbers in my area?

2562: I am using the correct access number and valid PIN, but why I was still told the PIN# is invalid?

2563: I misplaced or lost my PIN. How can I get it resent to me?

2646: Where/How do I receive my phone card PIN?

2561: Why I was told that the PIN# is inactivated?

2560: Why the PIN# I received is invalid?

2568: I cannot get connected after dial destination number

2564: My call was connected but the quality was very poor

2565: Did not get a good connection, but balance on the phone card got deducted

2644: How can I check the minutes remaining in my phone card?

2584: I recharged $40 and I should get 2500 minutes, but why I only have 2460 minutes?

2663: Is there a surcharge calling from a payphone?

2681: Jumbo Minutes card only: why my minutes are almost double charged?

2583: My card should have more than 10 hours but I was told no minutes after a 2-hour call.

2575: Rates are subject to change, how can I trust it?

2687: The rate was advertised as 2.0 ¢/minute when I purchased, but now the rate is 2.2 ¢/minute, why?

2566: Total minutes in the card is different from what you expected

2670: Can eCallChina guarantee 100% time connection or 100% satisfaction?

2616: eCallChina Policies

2573: How to file a complaint to eCallChina LLC?

2569: I ordered a wrong card, can I exchange it?

2572: Our Problem Solving Time Scale

2571: Return and exchange policy

2570: We are committed to provide you the best customer service

2615: Where is eCallChina located and how can I contact eCallChina?

2660: Who handles customer support?

2579: Can I extend my phone card expiration date for addition days?

2577: Do you have a phone card that has no expiration date?

2580: How can I know my phone card expiration date?

2618: I do not want to receive the expiration remindering message, how can I do?

2581: I order 5 cards in one order, when will my phone cards expire?

2680: The rechargeable pinless speed dial card has no expiration date but why I cannot use it any more?

2576: When will my phone card PIN# expire?

2578: Why do I receive a reminder from eCallChina in 70th day after I placed the order?

2586: Can I get call detail records for the phone card I purchased?

2585: When I purchased the card, the rate was advertised as 2.0¢/minute, but why the rate is displaed as 2.2¢/minute now?

2592: Why cannot I check my call detail records in my account?

2686: Why my phone number is showed as 213629xxxx, rather than my own number?

2589: How to setup pinless calling?

2590: I have setup pinless phone number but why I was still asked for the PIN# every time?

2587: What is Pinless Calling?

2588: Which phone cards do support Pinless Calling?

2591: What is speed dial feature?

2602: Can I transfer my credits to other people or other accounts?

2601: Does my SMS credits have expiration date?

2594: How many free credits can I get?

2603: I bought SMS credits through Paypal service. Why do not I get my credits?

2595: Where and how can I order SMS credits?

2676: Why I was told a cell phone cannot receive free credit message any more?

2613: How can I close my account?

2610: How can I create an account at

2612: How can I merge my accounts?

2611: I was told I have already had an account before but actually I did not

2540: How to change my email address?

2544: How to change my password?

2617: I do not want to receive any promotional email message from eCallChina, what can I do?

2665: I forget my eCallChina password and my email is invalid now. How can I do?

2542: I forget my password, how can I get it?

2543: My password had been reset by eCallChina. How can I get my new password?

2541: The email address I used is not valid any more, what should I do?

2608: Can I receive replied message from my cell phone in USA?

2596: How China mobile phone users reply my messages?

2597: How many times a message can be replied?

2643: I found I lost many replied messages from China cell phone. How can I do that?

2598: What is the replied phone number composed of?

2599: Where do I get replies from China cell phone?

2609: Can I send messages from my cell phone to China cell phone via eCallChina website?

2607: Can I use eCallChina SMS service to send message to other countries?

2606: Can I use eCallChina SMS service to send messages to Hong Kong, Taiwan mobile phone?

2600: Can you guarantee 100% delivery?

2593: How can I send short text messages to China mobile phone?

2605: One of the channels does not work, how can I do?

2746: Unallowed China mobile phone short message contents

2604: What is the difference of the two channels?

2653: For what purpose is my information collected?

2654: How can I cancel my account and erase all my personal information from the web site?

2647: Is using credit card safe on your website?

2655: What information does collect?

2662: Can two people use one PIN at the same time?

2650: How can I find Country Code/Area Code?

2651: How do I use my phone card to make calls?

2652: What is Message 25?