Recharge Instructions for Crystal Rechargeable RPS Master Phone Card
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Rechargeable Phone Cards - How to Recharge Minutes

Recharge minutes on our website is super easy: Just order the same card again as you did before.

CardRecharge Instructions

Crystal Rechargeable RPS Master
To recharge this card, please order a Crystal RPS Voucher PIN Dial toll free access number 1-800-260-8608 or 1-866-396-2759 (USA) or 1-866-889-9293 (Canada) and enter your PIN#,
  1. press 92#: Transfer balance/Recharge
  2. press 0# for live customer service (24x7, for this card only)

Follow the invoice instructions to setup your account then hang up. Please do not call from toll free number unless you are willing to pay the higher rate.

You can also check the Pinless setup for this Crystal Rechargeable RPS Master phone card.

Depends on the phone card you purchased before, when you order the same card again, you could receive:

  • The same PIN# as you used before. Our system automatically identifies your account by using your email address, then recharges your minutes automatically. Basically you do not need to do anything after the order is processed.
  • A new phone card PIN whose value is transferrable. You just need to follow our instructions to transfer the value from the new PIN# to your old PIN# then you keep the old PIN# forever.
  • A new phone card PIN but its value is not transferrable. Basically it is not a rechargeable phone card then you will use a new PIN# every time you place a new order.

Please check our customer support system for the frequently asked questions on how to recharge minutes.

For information about Pinless calling, please check Pinless Calling Setup.


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