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This page is designed for certain phone cards only. Some phone cards do not support pinless function.

Pinless Phone Card Story in Chinese

Pinless ANI Technology

Pinless phone cards operate on Automatic Number Identification (ANI). Now you will no longer have to enter your PIN everytime you place a phone call. Once you setup your pinless phone numbers using your home number, your office number, your celluar phone number or any number you call from, ANI technology automatically identifies your account and lets you place long distance calls without prompting you to enter your PIN. ANI makes long distance calling a breeze!

Rechargeable Phone Card

With our new rechargeable calling card, you will never need more than one PIN#. Anytime you need more calling time, just place an order as you did before. Our system will then automatically add the additional minutes to your account. You'll never have to change your PIN #.

Speed Dial

It is a hassle to remember phone numbers, or to have to find your phone book everytime you make a call. Now you can save up to 10 speed dial phone numbers  in your account. To make an international phone call, you will only have to dial the key(s) (1-10) where you stored your important phone numbers and then the pound key (#)....for example,"1#" or "9#".

Call Detail Records

Now you can check your call detail records (CDR) in real-time and even download them in PDF files. You will always have the most up-to-date information about your time useage.

More Details

For detailed information, please click here to see our rechargeable pinless speed dial international phone card, including rate table for international calls. For a Chinese version introduction, please see the calling card story.


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