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Prepaid Cellular Plan For Direct International Calls

Unlimited International Call to more than 40 countries, directly from USA Mobile!!

Free Shipping and Free Activation!

You can get a new cellular number, or transfer your current mobile number

Cheap Phone Card International Calling Card Best Rate Long Distance

5-star quality Global Call Back Phone Card Since 2/5/2009
Global Call Back Calling Card -Access from over 100 countries
-Rechargeable Card
-No Connection Fee
-Easy Connection
-Excellent for Global Traveler

 Calling Rates & Details
Call Local Number Toll Free
Moscow 3.7¢/541min 3.7¢/541min
United Kingdom 1.8¢/1111min 1.8¢/1111min
Thailand-Mobile 3.6¢/556min 3.6¢/556min
Kazakhstan-Almaty 2.2¢/909min 2.2¢/909min
Australia 3.2¢/625min 3.2¢/625min
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