Portugal Country Code Area Code City Code Dialing Code Calling Code
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Portugal Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
35116921357XSIMobile Customer Care
351169121357XSIMobile Customer Care
351169321357XSIMobile Customer Care
351169621357XSIMobile Customer Care
35118925842XSIMobile Yellow Pages
351189125842XSIMobile Yellow Pages
351189325842XSIMobile Yellow Pages
351189625842XSIMobile Yellow Pages
35121660568Fix LineLisboa/Lisbon
3512234812Fix LinePorto/Oporto
351231435277Fix LineMealhada
351232435277Fix LineViseu
351233435277Fix LineFigueira da Foz
351234435277Fix LineAveiro
351235435277Fix LineArganil
351236435277Fix LinePombal
351238435277Fix LineSeia
351239435277Fix LineCoimbra
35124139297Fix LineAbrantes
35124239297Fix LinePonte Sor
35124339297Fix LineSantarem
35124439297Fix LineLeiria
35124539297Fix LinePortalegre
35124939297Fix LineTorres Novas
35125191546Fix LineValenca
35125291546Fix LineVila Nova de Famalicao
35125391546Fix LineBraga
35125491546Fix LinePeso da Regua
35125591546Fix LinePenafiel
35125691546Fix LineSao Joao da Madeira
35125891546Fix LineViana Castelo
35125991546Fix LineVila Real
35126143782Fix LineTorres Vedras
35126243782Fix LineCaldas Rainha
35126343782Fix LineVila Franca de ira
35126543782Fix LineSetubal
35126643782Fix LineEvora
35126843782Fix LineEstremoz
35126943782Fix LineSantiago do Cacem
351271576151Fix LineGuarda
351272576151Fix LineCastelo Branco
351273576151Fix LineBraganca
351274576151Fix LineProenca Nova
351275576151Fix LineCovilha
351276576151Fix LineChaves
351277576151Fix LineIdanha-a-Nova
351278576151Fix LineMirandela
351279576151Fix LineMoncorvo
35128148268Fix LineTavira
35128248268Fix LinePortimao
35128348268Fix LineOdemira
35128448268Fix LineBeja
35128548268Fix LineMoura
35128648268Fix LineCastro Verde
35128948268Fix LineFaro
351291510Fix LineFunchal (Madeira Island)
351292510Fix LineHorta (Azores)
351295510Fix LineAngra do HeroĆ­smo (Azores)
351296510Fix LinePonta Delgada (Azores)
35160920029MobileMobile Voice Mail Services
35166933484MobileMobile Voice Mail Services
351671342904XPDData Network Access
351674342904XPDData Network Access
351677342904XPDData Network Access
351678342904XPDData Network Access
351679342904XPDData Network Access
35170042454XVIVirtual Private Networks
35170542454XVIVirtual Private Networks
35170642454XVIVirtual Private Networks
35170742454XUAUniversal Access Number
35170842454XVIVirtual Private Networks
35170942454XVIVirtual Private Networks
351800809129759XSIInternational Informations (inbound)
351884414101XPNPersonal Numbers
3519139547MobileMobile GSM - TELECEL
3519344032MobileMobile GSM - OPTIMUS
35196760MobileMobile GSM - TMN


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