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Belarus Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
3751511153572Fix LineBerestovitsa Region Grodno
3751512153572Fix LineVolkovysk Region Grodno
3751513153572Fix LineSvisloch Region Grodno
3751514153572Fix LineShchuchin Region Grodno
3751515153572Fix LineMosty Region Grodno
375152153572Fix LineGrodno Region Grodno
3751522153572Fix LineGrodno Region Grodno
3751561153572Fix LineLida Region Grodno
3751562153572Fix LineSlonim Region Grodno
3751563153572Fix LineDyatlovo Region Grodno
3751564153572Fix LineZelva Region Grodno
3751591153572Fix LineOstrovets Region Grodno
3751592153572Fix LineSmorgon Region Grodno
3751593153572Fix LineOshmiany Region Grodno
3751594153572Fix LineVoronovo Region Grodno
3751595153572Fix LineIvye Region Grodno
3751596153572Fix LineKorelichi Region Grodno
3751597153572Fix LineNovogrudok Region Grodno
3751623433Fix LineBrest Region Brest
3751633433Fix LineBaranovichi Region Brest
37516313433Fix LineKamenets Region Brest
37516323433Fix LinePruzhany Region Brest
37516333433Fix LineLakhovichi Region Brest
37516413433Fix LineZhabinka Region Brest
37516423433Fix LineKobrin Region Brest
37516433433Fix LineBereza Region Brest
37516443433Fix LineDrogichin Region Brest
37516453433Fix LineIvatsevichi Region Brest
37516463433Fix LineGantsevichi Region Brest
37516473433Fix LineLuninets Region Brest
3751653433Fix LinePinsk Region Brest
37516513433Fix LineMalorita Region Brest
37516523433Fix LineIvanovo Region Brest
37516553433Fix LineStolin Region Brest
375176Fix LineMinsk Region Minsk
37517106Fix LineSoligorsk Region Minsk
37517136Fix LineMariinaGorka Region Minsk
37517146Fix LineCherven Region Minsk
37517156Fix LineBerezino Region Minsk
37517166Fix LineDzerzhinsk Region Minsk
37517176Fix LineStolbtsy Region Minsk
37517186Fix LineUzda Region Minsk
37517196Fix LineKopyl Region Minsk
37517706Fix LineNesvizh Region Minsk
37517716Fix LineVilejka Region Minsk
37517726Fix LineVolozhin Region Minsk
37517736Fix LineMolodechno Region Minsk
37517746Fix LineLogojsk Region Minsk
37517756Fix LineZhodino Region Minsk
37517766Fix LineSmolevichi Region Minsk
37517776Fix LineBorisov Region Minsk
37517796Fix LinePleshchenitsy Region Minsk
37517926Fix LineStaryeDorogi Region Minsk
37517936Fix LineKletsk Region Minsk
37517946Fix LineLuban Region Minsk
37517956Fix LineSlutsk Region Minsk
37517966Fix LineKrupki Region Minsk
37517976Fix LineMiadel Region Minsk
37521264649Fix LineVitebsk Region Vitebsk
375213064649Fix LineShumilino Region Vitebsk
375213164649Fix LineBeshenkovichi Region Vitebsk
375213264649Fix LineLepel Region Vitebsk
375213364649Fix LineChashniki Region Vitebsk
375213564649Fix LineSenno Region Vitebsk
375213664649Fix LineTolochin Region Vitebsk
375213764649Fix LineDubrovno Region Vitebsk
375213864649Fix LineLiozno Region Vitebsk
375213964649Fix LineGorodok Region Vitebsk
37521464649Fix LineNovopolotsk Region Vitebsk
375215164649Fix LineVerhnedvinsk Region Vitebsk
375215264649Fix LineMiory Region Vitebsk
375215364649Fix LineBraslav Region Vitebsk
375215464649Fix LineSharkovshchina Region Vitebsk
375215564649Fix LinePostavy Region Vitebsk
375215664649Fix LineGlubokoe Region Vitebsk
375215764649Fix LineDokshitsi Region Vitebsk
375215864649Fix LineUshachi Region Vitebsk
375215964649Fix LineRossony Region Vitebsk
375216164649Fix LineOrsha Region Vitebsk
37522216888Fix LineMogilev Region Mogilev
375223016888Fix LineGluzsk Region Mogilev
375223116888Fix LineByhov Region Mogilev
375223216888Fix LineBelynichi Region Mogilev
375223316888Fix LineGorki Region Mogilev
375223416888Fix LineKrugloe Region Mogilev
375223516888Fix LineOsipovichi Region Mogilev
375223616888Fix LineKlichev Region Mogilev
375223716888Fix LineKirovsk Region Mogilev
375223816888Fix LineKrasnopole Region Mogilev
375223916888Fix LineShklov Region Mogilev
375224016888Fix LineMstislavl Region Mogilev
375224116888Fix LineKrichev Region Mogilev
375224216888Fix LineChausy Region Mogilev
375224316888Fix LineCherikov Region Mogilev
375224416888Fix LineKlimovichi Region Mogilev
375224516888Fix LineKostukovichi Region Mogilev
375224616888Fix LineSlavgorod Region Mogilev
375224716888Fix LineHotimsk Region Mogilev
375224816888Fix LineDribin Region Mogilev
37522516888Fix LineBobruisk Region Mogilev
375225116888Fix LineBobruisk Region Mogilev
375232414788Fix LineGomel Region Gomel
3752322414788Fix LineGomel Region Gomel
3752330414788Fix LineVetka Region Gomel
3752332414788Fix LineChechersk Region Gomel
3752333414788Fix LineDobrush Region Gomel
3752334414788Fix LineZhlobin Region Gomel
3752336414788Fix LineBudo-Koshelevo Region Gomel
3752337414788Fix LineKorma Region Gomel
3752339414788Fix LineRogachev Region Gomel
3752340414788Fix LineRechitsa Region Gomel
3752342414788Fix LineSvetlogorsk Region Gomel
3752344414788Fix LineBragin Region Gomel
3752345414788Fix LineKalinkovichi Region Gomel
3752346414788Fix LineKhoiniki Region Gomel
3752347414788Fix LineLoev Region Gomel
3752350414788Fix LinePetrikov Region Gomel
3752351414788Fix LineMozyr Region Gomel
3752353414788Fix LineZhitkovichi Region Gomel
3752354414788Fix LineYelsk Region Gomel
3752355414788Fix LineNarovla Region Gomel
3752356414788Fix LineLelchitsi Region Gomel
3752357414788Fix LineOktiabrski Region Gomel
375292330340MobileMobile NMT-450
375294330340MobileMobile NMT-450
375296330340MobileMobile GSM-900 (Velcom)
375297330340MobileMobile GSM-900 (MTS)


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