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Saudi Arabia,jeddah Phone Cards, Prepaid Calling Cards Call Saudi Arabia,jeddah from United States

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Reliable Quality Saudi Arabia,jeddah Phone Card Service

Saudi Arabia,jeddah eCallChina is a reliable and responsible phone card vendor. We sell trouble free Saudi Arabia,jeddah calling cards and provide outstanding service. How to call Saudi Arabia,jeddah from the United States (USA)? The general rule to dial: 011 + Saudi Arabia,jeddah country code + area code + phone number. When you purchase your prepaid Phone Card and receive our instant PIN, you will aslo receive simple, easy to understand dialling instructions.

Get The Best Rate Phone Card Call Saudi Arabia,jeddah

From the list below, you can find the cheapest calling rate to Saudi Arabia,jeddah. Unlike other phone cards where you are charged a connection as high as 80 cents per call, eCallChina's Saudi Arabia,jeddah prepaid phone cards has no connection fee and no hidden charges. You pay for your international and domestic long distance calls in advance at exceptionally low rates without any contract or monthly bills. Business and residential users get significant savings over AT&T, MCI, SprintPCS, WorldCom, IDT, Qwest and other long distance providers.

Save Money Making Calls To Saudi Arabia,jeddah When You Travel

If you do business in Saudi Arabia,jeddah, save money when you are away from your office by using your prepaid international Saudi Arabia,jeddah phone cards to make all your calls to Saudi Arabia,jeddah. These prepaid long distance Saudi Arabia,jeddah phone cards also make a great gift for family members, for sons or daugthers serving in the military or for friends who are world travelers. Connection with eCallChina. Satisifaction guaranteed!

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Play Hard Africa Phone Card
USA to Saudi Arabia,jeddah No connection fee, 1 minute + 3 minutes rounding, 30%, 69 cents weekly, expired on 180 days after the first use. 5-star quality call to Saudi Arabia,jeddah. (This card has been sold since 7/21/2006) $0.270/min
37 minutes
37 minutes

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Call Saudi Arabia,jeddah from Local Access Number to Get Cheaper Rate and More Minutes

We have local access numbers to call Saudi Arabia,jeddah with lower rates. Please select your area code in the following list to choose the best local phone card. If you have a cellular phone with unlimited night & weekend free domestic long distance minutes, you can take advantage of it by calling from any local access number in the states to get lower rate and more minutes. To avoid running up unwanted toll or long distance charges when calling local access numbers, be sure to check the number is "local call" for you. Customers are responsible for charges, if any, associated with the local number they select. Click your area code to select local phone cards.

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